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Quite a few people reading might already be sufficiently qualified and not interested in this at all. However, there are those who might be advising a potential future sport scientist or are looking to study further and don’t quite know what is on offer at South Africa’s universities. Hopefully, laying out the relevant degrees and the associated universities will be helpful to someone out there.

See SSC Trial Issue 1 for previously featured universities: UWC, NMMU, MATIES, UJ

See SSC Trial Issue 2 for previously featured universities: TUKS, NWU, RHODES, UKZN

University of Cape Town (UCT)


No sport science specific undergrad degrees


BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science

MSc (Med) Exercise Science

PhD Exercise Science

University of the Free State


B Human Movement Science – no longer offered


BA (Hons) Human Movement Science: Sport Science

MA Human Movement Science

PhD Human Movement Science

University of Fort Hare


B Health Sciences in Human Movement Science


BA Hons Human Movement Science

Masters & PhD unable to verify from website



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